Move your business to the cloud with the least effort and lowest cost

How Does It Work

Create Product And Variants

Quickly create your product and recipe information thanks to the handy variant management.

Create Orders

Enter your orders from online or offline channels into the system.

Create Manufacturing Order

Create a work order for the order quantity to be produced and determine the needs.

Make a Plan

HPlan according to the created manufacturing orders and determined needs and stock quantities.


Follow the production processes in real time with the operator mobile application.


Easily report completed orders, deadlines or production processes, see actual costs.

Modern & Powerful Interface

Unlike classical ERP programs, Skala allows you to perform all the operations you need with a few clicks thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Less effort, lower cost

Skala is a user-friendly software designed entirely for the needs of SMEs. With Skala, you can follow all manufacturing processes with the lowest possible effort.

  • Move your business to the cloud at the most affordable cost, without any license installation or hardware costs

  • Create all manufacturing stages in the same day and start tracking manufacturing processes

  • Get rid of chaos by simplifying highly complex and hard-to-follow processes

Avoid unexpected surprises

Track critical data such as order, raw material, production and deadline in real time

  • Manage deadlines and keep your business out of chaos by completing manufacturing processes at the right time

  • Plan raw materials, semi-finished products and manufacturing processes with real-time data and avoid unexpected surprises

  • Make more accurate pricing by accurately calculating changing raw material and manufacturing costs

Manage all your data from one screen

Track and invoice all your orders in one place with accounting, marketplace and e-commerce integration

  • Invoice your orders completed with accounting integrations with a single click

  • Manage both online and offline orders from a single screen with marketplace and e-commerce integrations

  • Integrate with your machines or other software with API and webhook automations

Choose the Most Suitable Package for Your Business

It is the most economical cloud-based production software you can pay as you use, which does not require Skala installation or license fees. Start your digital transformation journey by choosing the most suitable offer for your business.

30 - day money back guarantee

1 Month

$199 / Month

Move the manufacturing processes of your business to the cloud with monthly payments with Skala
1 Year

$1910 / Year

Move the manufacturing processes of your business to the cloud with 20% discount for 1 year with Skala
3 Years

$4300 / 3 Years

Move the production processes of your business to the cloud with the most advantageous price for 3 years with Skala

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